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Audio Guestbook

A unique alternative to a standard guestbook.

 This retro telephone allows your guests to leave an audio message, funny stories, well wishes or even a song  for you to cherish.

Simply send us your guestbook greeting by email or whatsapp for us to upload to your phone & you're all set!

How it works

  • Your guests pick up the receiver and listen to your personalised pre-recorded host message


  • Just listen for the BEEP & then guests can record their message… song or rap.

  • After they have finished they simply return the receiver back on its cradle. The recording is then safely stored.


  • After the event we will retrieve all of the recording from the night & send them to you on a USB drive .

How much does this cost to hire & what do we get?
Instruction sign for guests
Free delivery & return
Unlimited recordings
Choice of  colours (depending on availability)
No internet or Wifi connection needed
Each phone has 12+ hour battery life
All the audio files are sent to you after your wedding in digital format via email.
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